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McClain County Reserves Program

The Sheriff's Department utilizes a Reserve Deputy Program to help carry out the mission of the Department. Without their valuable assistance, our ability to serve the citizens would be greatly limited.

Reserve Deputies volunteer their time, with no compensation and at no cost to the citizens.

The Reserve Deputy Program does their own fundraising to help pay for the equipment needed to perform their duties. Any equipment that isn't covered by donations is paid for by the Reserve Deputies themselves.

While on duty, they have the same authority as full-time deputies. They provide valuable services, like performing law enforcement duties at special events, such as school ball games, rodeos, parades, etc; they patrol the county; they answer calls for service; they serve civil papers; and they perform any other law enforcement duty that is needed.

Examination required for certification: Reserve peace officers, within six (6) months of their commission or appointment as a reserve officer, must satisfactorily complete a minimum 240-hour CLEET approved certification course and satisfactorily complete all practicum work and pass all written examinations required for certification.

Requirements for attending training:

In order to attend CLEET approved certification training, reserve officers must meet, as a minimum, the following conditions:

Reserve Officers Hours of Service:

For cities or counties having a total population of less than two hundred thousand (200,000) persons, a reserve officer shall serve not more than one hundred ten (110) hours per calendar month.

For more information on state standards and requirements, go to Reserve Peace Officer Fact Sheet

If you are interested in becoming a Reserve Deputy, you may contact the Sheriff's Office. If you qualify, and there are openings in the unit, you must have approval and clearance from the Sheriff and be accepted for membership by the Reserve Deputy Unit.