“To the citizens of McClain County

Today, I am honored to announce that as your Sheriff, I formally declared my support of the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement and that your Board of County Commissioners has officially spoken out in support as well. Through these actions, we join other Oklahoma counties and cities in a united stance against laws that would infringe on rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment.

The McClain County Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution on May 24, 2021 declaring McClain County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

Through these actions, we stand with a growing number of our sister cities and counties of Oklahoma in a united front. I am proud of our work in support of this important national issue and extend my heartfelt thanks to each and every citizen who personally urged me to speak out. With your help and the help of our Commissioners, we have united in support of one of the foundational American rights that we in our rural Oklahoma hold most dear, I want to personally and publicly thank the Commissioners for their strong stance and the citizens of McClain County for their support.”