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Handgun License

How do I apply for a handgun license?

Handgun License Applicant Checklist

Please bring the following items with you when you are turning in your Self-Defense Act (SDA) Handgun Licensing paperwork:

Do Not Bring

Because the fingerprinting part of your application process will be done inside the McClain County Detention Center, you cannot bring the below list inside the detention center:

You may bring in your cell phone and purse to the records window to help facilitate access to information needed for the paper portion of the application.

Application Process

There are several steps involving several government agencies to acquire your OSBI issued SDA license. When you appear at the Sheriff's Office for your fingerprints and local background check, we accept your application along with necessary supporting documentation. The Sheriff's Office will do a background check on you for McClain County and local communities in the first step. That can take up to 3 to 5 business days to complete.

Once we have completed that portion of the background, we forward your application to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). OSBI conducts additional state and federal background checks. That process can take up to three months to complete. Once the OSBI has successfully completed all of the required background checks, they will mail your license to the address shown on the application.

For more detailed information regarding SDA licensing and the application process, visit the OSBI website.

Occasionally, some individual's fingerprints are difficult to take using common fingerprinting techniques. This is more prevalent in older individuals whose fingerprints have worn down from age and certain activities. If the OSBI is unable to process the fingerprints we submitted, you will be informed by OSBI, and you must resubmit your prints. The Sheriff's Office will reprint you at no additional charge.

However, in those rare circumstances that the second set of prints are unable to be lifted for background check purposes, you will need to have your prints taken at the;

OSBI Headquarters
6600 North Harvey Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
(405) 879-2690 or (800) 207-6724
Fax: (405) 840-8485

Should you change your address or name, your should notify the OSBI of the change. For the required fee, they will send you and updated license with the changes. Your SDA license information should match your Oklahoma driver license or Identification card. Visit the OSBI website to update information on your SDA license.